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ABY Farmers a social enterprise established in 2017, is primarily an agri processing and marketing organisation which deals with the commodities produced by the farmers. We recognise the critical contribution of farmers and treats them as “Partners in Progress” and every year we share 50% of the profit generated by us with the Farmers/ Farmer Producer Companies.

ABY Farmers is a short form of Agri Business Yuva Farmers of India. We make all efforts to encourage youth to take up agriculture as their preferred livelihood option by facilitating them to get better returns on agriculture. ABY is also the acronym for “Always Brings You the Best”. ABY Farmers always brings the best to the customers because they are the best and they deserve the best. Read more...

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  • Key Principles

  • Equity
    Ensuring that all the stakeholders get their share in equitable manner.
  • Effectiveness
    Selecting the right things and doing it right to ensure that the keyholders get the optimum benefit, especially striving for the customer delight by exceeding their expectations.
  • Efficiency
    Completing tasks with less time and resources. Ensuring cost effectivenessin all the operations.
  • Mutual Collaboration
    Mutual Collaboration
    Working in close collaboration with all the stakeholders/ institutions who echo similar value system.
  • Transparency
    Sharing accurate information to all the stakeholders as and when required.
  • Accountability
    Taking responsibility for all operations & promoting green practices.

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